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For 35 years we have has been at the forefront of display and publicity pushes for all forms of filmed entertainment, whether its full large scale premieres, junkets and photocalls, or the simplest of directional signage.

We work closely with all film distribution companies, streamers and their agencies to provide the best and most cost effective ways to promote their content, working with tight deadlines and always being on hand for help and advice.

Top Gun Maverick for Paramount Pictures



Cinema signage


The Brief:

To brand the entirety of Leicester Square Gardens and two cinemas for the highly anticipated premiere event. This encompassed creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for attendees. The objective was not just to advertise the movie but to transform Leicester Square into a captivating extension of the Top Gun universe.

The Challenge:

Encircling Leicester Square Gardens with a 4-metre-high branded wall. This wall needed to be not only visually striking but be able to structually support 3D elements that would be attached to it. The complexity was further heightened by the requirement for a large semi-circular wall, serving as the backdrop for a life-size fighter jet. The challenge lay in creating a design that seamlessly integrated with the iconic Leicester Square surroundings while meeting the structural demands of the 3D elements and the large backdrop.